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If you have any questions regarding our products or services,please feel free to send us an email anytime or call us during working hours.


Customer Service Phone: 1-717-884-6479 (US) 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Est

Indian customers please contact Indian service team directly at:

Email :

Tel : +91 22 2492 5151 / 1800 222 239

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30 Days Return
No Questions Asked

Product Warranty Extension

All of our products are backed with 12 months hassle-free warranty. Within 30 days, you can process it through Amazon directly. Beyond that, please feel free to contact SoundPEATS customer service team. The warranty starts from the original purchase date, and it will not be renewed after a replacement sent. SoundPEATS privileged customers can enjoy 6 months warranty extension. We strive to provide every customer with delightful and satisfying service. However, not all the damages are included in the warranty.

  1. Damages caused by unauthorized disassembling, misuse, abuse or accidents
  2. Products not purchased from official SoundPEATS Amazon store (exclusive channel) or purchased on
  3. Products lost or stolen.
  4. Free or fully refunded products.
Warranty Extension Form


1. How do I claim the warranty?

Before submitting a warranty claim, please refer to the manual for your product and go through all troubleshooting provided. If you believe the item is defective, please submit a Return and Refund request on the order page within 30 days, or contact us at for warranty cover within warranty period.

2. When does the warranty start?

The 12 months warranty (18 months for privileged members) starts from the original order purchase date.

3. Will the warranty be renewed for replacement?

The warranty will not be renewed after a replacement provided.

4. What is not covered by the warranty?

. Purchased on

. Purchased from unauthorized resellers

. Improper operation

. Lost or stolen

. Purchased on

5. What information do I need to provide for claiming the warranty?

Amazon order number is required for warranty cover. If the product is a gift or purchased from a reseller, we appreciate if you could ask the giver or reseller for a copy of receipt. The warranty only covers for orders from our official store.

6. How do I reach out to SoundPEATS customer service support?

Contact Email: (All emails will be answered within 24 hours on weekdays)

Phone Support: +1 858-329-1141 (US ONLY) (Mon-Fri 9am - 5am PST)

WEEE Information

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

SoundPEATS has registered WEEE in Germany and the Registration number is 23411113.

The Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) reminds you that old electrical equipment can be recycled, it is now marked with a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol.

Please do not throw any electrical equipment (including your SoundPEATS products and those marked with the crossed out wheeled bin symbol) in your regular waste bin. WEEE is taken back them free of charge.